Rohit Chadda

Digital Business Leader, Angel Investor, Strategy & Growth Consultant

Building an audience before launching the product

In the previous post we saw the importance of understanding your target consumer.

Every business product is formulated as per the customer demands and requirements. Why should one work on building an audience before making a product is what I will elaborate on in this article. Also how to use content marketing for building an audience will also be one of the key focus areas.

To start with let’s take an example. Tony & Guy are two fashion stylists who like to play badminton during their leisure time. They both love everything about the sport – except the clothes. After a match they think how boring is the badminton attire and how it can be made better. This in turn gives them an idea to start their own line of sports fashion apparels.

Now, Tony and Guy thoroughly know about style but have never started a business before or know anything about the demand for the sports fashion clothing in the market.

So they thought of jotting down the points to know their customers better along with the market demand. Will their customers be badminton players, fashion models or anyone who loves shopping? To find out what kind of styles and products people will be willing to buy, they start a badminton blog where they will post the suggested collection designs to know what are the customer’s likes and preferences.

Now if they wouldn’t have started this blog and based on their design sense and past experience launched a range in the market, there is high probability of the business going bust.

Usually a business creates a product and then markets it to its potential customers but there is a ‘customer first’ approach as well to making a product.  Hence, for Tony & Guy to launch a product, starting a blog will be more insightful as it will help them understand their customer first and then cater to their needs and wants respectively.

In the next post lets look at how we further this strategy to build the right product with a customer centric approach.