Rohit Chadda

Digital Business Leader, Angel Investor, Strategy & Growth Consultant

Customer centric approach to building a product

In continuation from the previous post on understanding the customers better, one should first focus on understanding your customer’s demands and preferences by engaging them through content marketing or blogs. Via this engagement one can build and online community and learn more about your target audience. This research will help you create a new product based on the customer insights and make you ready to launch your new product with an advantage of already having a loyal audience that is familiar with your brand.

For Tony and Guy, mentioned in previous blog, it could be a learning for them to understand their customers and the demand for fashionable badminton clothing.

The content on the blogs can be videos, images, writing posts to keep the audience engaged on the portal. Once the content is posted on a regular basis, make sure to pay attention to which posts are becoming popular and which are going unnoticed to know what your customer will prefer in the end.

Learn about your customers by asking them questions about their preferences pertaining to your product line. Once you get a basic understanding on this, one can start promoting their content via social media ads where the tools allow you to target specific customer demographics and those who are interested in subjects and type that are similar to your product line. One can also look at collaborating with other websites who have a similar audience with link to get them back on your page to know more. Ask the interested customers to sign up for your newsletters which will help you create a prior database and give a jumpstart on your e mail marketing.

When you know what and how your customer thinks of the new product lines via the various communication strategies that you have followed, you know how to meet their needs and wants with a product that you know will be well accepted by them. Share your ideas and observe their responses on a constant basis. This will help you shortlist and narrow your product line with a direction of which product line to expand as per the customer demand. The most important fact of digital marketing is to keep your reader’s engaged on a constant basis, keep them updated on how many products are in pipeline and what are the new styles being added to the range along with new product ideas. Also, always keep producing content continuously while working on selling products as this will help you to continue building your audience.