Rohit Chadda

Digital Business Leader, Angel Investor, Strategy & Growth Consultant

How to create an ad for your social media campaign

social media campaign

After you are ready with your social media marketing strategy, lets look at how to create ads for your social campaign.

The first step to creating an ad post for your social media campaign is to analyze your existing unpaid posts on the platform and study the best performing ones. Check the kind of messaging, tone and imagery from your top posts and make sure your ad has similar content and imagery to start with.

Clearly mention offers or consumer benefit to ensure customers are enticed to click on the ad.Once a user clicks on the ad he should land on a page which gives more details about the communication in the ad.It’s always better to get the customer on a landing page created specifically for the particular ad which has more details about the communication in the ad. Make sure you have accurate and matching information in the ad and its landing page along with the imagery and branding as well else the customer may leave thinking he’s come to the wrong page or website.

Create multiple ads with variations in ad copy and creatives for the same goal and track the performance of each to see what kind of content and imagery is working for the particular goal. This will help you in optimizing your ad copies for each goal and achieve a better CTR and conversions thus improving ROIs.

In order to track the users coming from each ad or social platform you should create UTM-coded URLs which is a trackable text added to your URL site. Adding different UTMs for each ad will show you exactly how the user behaved when he came on the website from the particular ad. This will help you not only measure ROIs from each ad but also optimize your ad copy.

Next, we’ll look at how pixel tracking and how to measure ad performance