Rohit Chadda

Digital Business Leader, Angel Investor, Strategy & Growth Consultant

Importance of understanding and defining your target audience

The primary objective of any business is to satisfy the customer needs and demands, for which understanding your customer becomes an extremely important aspect for running a successful business even before formulating a product.

Tweens, home makers, sportsmen, you may have heard businesses using such labels while defining their target audience. These aspects help in narrowing your ideal customer down into a group to market your products accordingly to that particular group or class.

But do labels like just ‘tweens’ really help you define your target audience?

They simply imply that your target customer is a teenager but not about what these teens prefer while shopping, what are their hobbies, how much pocket money do they get, how their age affects their values and beliefs.

There is a high probability that other businesses will also have tweens as their target audience but may or may not be dealing in the same nature of business.

Given a thought tweens doesn’t help in narrowing down your target audience at all. There is no further information about them other than just their age. Hence, this may not be the best approach of shortlisting your target consumer. Many other companies will have a similar demographic shortlisting.

However, how to effectively build an audience as your target customer and then cater to that market with the right products is what we will talk about in my next post.