Rohit Chadda

Digital Business Leader, Angel Investor, Strategy & Growth Consultant

Key KPIs to track user behaviour on your digital platform

Its important to ensure your visitors have a meaningful interaction with your platform. A customer landing on the homepage and leaving without watching your whole video probably means you got the wrong guy.

Lets start by thinking about how you want the customer to behave when they first land on your website or app – what pages should he visit? Does he needs to come back multiple times? What video or content should people look at and share? Once you have a clear idea of what you want them to do, you need to start tracking those events.

Lets look at what you should be tracking –

Bounce rate – for a website, bounce rate means the % of people that visit your website and leave right away. A low bounce rate is awesome because it means people are spending time on your website and that your website is fulfilling their expectations. For a paid marketing campaign it means you targeted the right people and set the right expectation for the customer through the ad. For a mobile site, high bounce rate could also be a result of your website not being mobile friendly possibly because of slow load times or difficulty in navigation

Repeat visitors – measure the loyalty of the users on your website. How many of your visitors come to your website again after visiting the first time. Its important for you to figure out the frequency of times customers need to re-visit your website before they become long time loyal visitors.

Time spent –the amount of time spent by a user on your website would tell you how engaged you could keep him and how relevant the content on the website was for the visitor you acquired. For mobile sites, if the site is not mobile friendly the chances of visitors leaving early are even higher.

With the increased penetration of smartphones, its extremely important that you build a good, fast loading, mobile friendly website in order to ensure your visitors get what they are looking for.

A meaningful interaction would mean the user probably ends up visiting your website a number of times or likes