Rohit Chadda

Digital Business Leader, Angel Investor, Strategy & Growth Consultant

Ways to approach your business story

business story

There are practically two ways on how you can approach your business story which are personal or for a higher purpose. A personal approach revolves around the moment or moments in your life which inspired you and sparked your business idea.

A higher purpose approach is the vision for a greater goal that your business already has.

Talking about personal approach let’s hypothetically talk about FitSeven. The company provides fitness bands to keep everyone active and healthy. But that is not the personal story behind the business. The founder of FitSeven is AP, who was an obese man for most of his life until a turnaround happened when his doctor alarmed him that if he doesn’t lose weight he might not be able to live a long life. This gave him a hit as he thought about what his family will have to go through without him. He then was changed man and shed all the extra kilos to be back to fit and healthy.

While he was trying to lose weight he used to wonder if he could have an instant tracker at all times to know his fitness progress and if each individual could have it handy, it would help them to stay fit and measure their fitness at all times. This inspired him to create FitSeven. AP tells this story to his customers, starting with his mission statement ‘I believe that many of the world’s best products are born when people create something that they want or need for themselves.’ He also appeals to his audience by sharing his transformation pictures for people to be able to relate to him instead of just seeing it as a technology.

Now let’s look at how Khetu Healthy Snacks chain uses the higher purpose approach.  The brand’s higher approach is to make the world a little healthiner, one step at a time. The company inspires people to do the right thing as a part of their Khetu movement. One part of the movement is Khetu causes. This calls people and organizations to bring socially impactful ideas to life through monthly grants.

AP started with a personal story and Kind started with a higher purpose but both are engaging and stand out.

When you are planning to create your story keep in mind that the best stories are specific which takes people on a journey and are not just about buzz words and trends. They can also be a mix of personal and higher purpose, but going in one direction makes it easy to create a story to directly connect with people.